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Review Ravens is a revolutionary service, matching brand owners with their target demographic.

We streamline the product testing and feedback generation process through systematically connecting products (that businesses need feedback for) with a group of reviewers that fits the brand’s target demographic through our proprietary algorithm.

Our mission is to get brand owners the data they need to allow their products to be competitive in today’s hyper-competitive world of eCommerce.



Navigate to our registration form, and fill out the form to sign up to become a reviewer. It's a quick and painless process to start receiving free stuff. Everything you will receive is free - and we will never ask for your credit card details, or any form of payment. You do not need to buy the items yourself as well. We send them to your address totally for free, no catch!


We have partnerships with multiple brands that want YOUR feedback on their various products. There's no catch, you will really just start receiving free products in exchange for your thoughts on their product (be it positive or negative).


Now, it's time to leave your review. Log on to our website and fill out a separate product feedback form for each product you receive. That's it!


Depending on your profile, we will just keep on sending you products to review on a continual basis. You simply keep on reviewing the products to have a chance to review more - or send us an email if you want out of our program.

What our reviewers say


Will I really be able to receive products for free? How is this not a scam?

Most businesses set aside a portion of their budget for product testing and feedback generation. Through the years, we’ve built up relationships with various brand owners, and have built a platform where we can distribute their “free” products to the right people – in a much more efficient way than what they are used to. These businesses pay us for this, and this is how we are able to really give away products for free to our reviewers!

What information do you need from me to get started receiving products to review?

Nothing too complicated – but just some basics regarding your personal profile (e.g. income, occupation, hobbies, delivery address, etc) – so we can better match you up with brand owners!

Is there any part in the process that I'll need to pay myself, or give my credit card details?

Absolutely not! We will never ask you to pay for anything, or get any of your payment details. We make money from the businesses that choose to use us for their product testing marketing – not from our reviewers.

How many free products can I receive per week?

This depends on your profile, and on the current product inventory we have at any given week from our brand partners. You could potentially receive anywhere from 1 up to 15 products per week to review!

Will I be able to pick and choose which product to receive and review?

Unfortunately not. Our system’s “secret sauce” is based on algorithmically matching reviewer profiles to product testing opportunities. Our system will match you up accordingly, and ship the product directly to your address without the need for your intervention.

What if I receive the products but do not leave my feedback?

We always monitor reviewers whose feedback count does not match up with the products they receive. You have up to 10 days to leave your feedback. If we feel you are abusing the system, we will issue you a warning. Multiple occurrences, and we will suspend your account indefinitely – with no appeal opportunities.

I'm getting too much free products! How do I stop becoming a reviewer?

Simply send us a message, and we will remove your account from our “active” reviewers list. No contracts!

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